Sylvester (icklesylvester) wrote in violencefree,

How do you feel when you hear your baby crying?

How do you feel when you hear your baby crying? I know how I ought to feel - I ought to feel all maternal and protective and want to comfort him and make him feel better - but I don't. The sound of him crying just drives me mad, all I can think of is that I want him to shut the hell up, and I often end up having to put him down and leave the room so that I can calm down. I feel like such a bad mum. I try my hardest to prevent him from crying in the first place, I make sure he is fed and clean and I give him loads of attention and cuddles and even carry him around with me most of the time, but he still finds something to cry about. I only have one solution to this and that is to get stoned, but I'm not comfortable with the idea of being stoned constantly (and I can't afford it anyway), is there another way to cope?
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