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After ranting and raving at people that felt hitting their child was an appropriate solution to "prevent electrocution" (instead of covering their electrical outlets) I realized that these people had no other, better, options available to them. They hit their children because they couldn't think of any better options.

It doesn't serve anyone to be angry at those folks (though I admit it's a big button pusher for me, so I am still angry, but now trying to deal with my feelings in a more positive way). Instead, I thought creating a community where alternatives to violence were shared might offer these people those "better options".

If you've hit your children in the past but want to avoid that for the future, I welcome you. I applaud your decision to find new and better ways to raise your children. I hope you'll find this community helpful and supportive in your journey to non violent parenting.

My hope is that other people of like minds will join me in this effort. I expect there will be some inappropriate behavior by people that feel guilty about hitting their children and so will want to attack this community and the ideas behind it. I may end up making comments screened and posts moderated if that happens too much. But mostly I hope that people that come to mock and attack will stay to learn. So for that reason, this community is currently open and unmoderated.
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